1) Fairness


As a nation, we have struggled to ensure that public schools provide not only access, but also excellence to all students despite where they live or the amount their parents earn.


We believe that excellence means going beyond the minimum level of competency for all students. We want our children leave school thoroughly prepared them for college, work and life.

Equity will truly exist when ALL students are supported by quality resources (fiscal, curricular, teaching, leadership, etc.) and have access to the opportunities that make them ready to enter and thrive in the most demanding and rewarding educational and professional settings the 21st century has to offer.

In our vision, an equitable distribution of resources and investments, student performance would no longer neatly follow identifiers such as race, language, socioeconomic status or gender. The success of any student should not be a matter of chance due to the extraordinary efforts of solitary teachers and programs, no matter how well-intentioned. Instead, what is required are systemic approaches and investments that have demonstrable and specific benefits for EACH and EVERY vulnerable and underserved student.