Title II - Recruiting, Developing and Retaining High-Quality Teachers and School Leaders

Title II of the Every Student Succeeds Act is committed to providing funds to increase the number of high-quality teachers and school leaders who are capable of student academic achievement in schools regardless of their background.

How Schools Are Funded Under ESSA

Title II funding can bring needed resources to recruit, train, and retain teachers as well as provide ongoing professional learning opportunities in Title I schools.

Questions You Should Be Asking

Under ESSA, all districts are required to include school principals in developing the priorities for Title II planning. Engage now with your district in discussions about the recruitment, professional development, quality, and access of all students to effective teachers.

Why This is Important to the National Urban League

Historically underserved students, including students of color and those from low-income families, often attend schools that are understaffed and under resourced. Research has shown that students from low-income backgrounds who attend schools that have been historically underserved are often under resourced and under staffed with high-quality educators.

Research shows that despite the need for more resources in their schools, low-income and minority students are often taught by inexperienced, unqualified teachers. We are in support of school systems that recognize the unique differences in the students that we serve and make an effort to hire diverse teachers, and support culturally responsive teaching.

We believe Title II funding is necessary to ensure academic achievement of all students regardless of socioeconomic or culturally background.

Understanding the Law