Title I - Improving Programs Operated by Local School Districts

Title I is ESSA’s most well-known section and the section that contains the most money for states to support the education of low-income students. Under Title I, the Department of Education provides funds to states with a high number of students from low-income families and schools with a history of lower academic performance to help close the achievement gap. Once at the state level, Title I funds are distributed to school districts and schools that meet the criteria to access these funds.

What Your State is Required to Do under ESSA

Questions You Should Be Asking

Under ESSA states must create an accountability system to hold schools responsible for student performance. These are some questions you should be asking school leadership:

Why This is Important to the National Urban League

We are committed to the academic achievement of all students and believe that states must create systems that hold school districts accountable for identifying low-performing schools and placing the necessary supports to improve graduation rates, improving scores on state assessments and offer challenging coursework.

Far too often, historically underserved students attend schools that fail them. Under Title I, we believe there is an opportunity to make a positive change in today’s culture of labeling “bad schools” without making the effort to reform them and provide a high-quality education to the students who attend them.

Understanding the Law